The Advantages of installing Covert Cameras in your business

The Advantages Covert Cameras in your business

Firstly, it will only be prudent to advise there are legal processes and requirements to adhere to, not simply installing covert cameras in your business premises.

However, when you connect a inconspicuous covert camera to an existing CCTV system, many of the laws have already been dealt with and undoubtedly provides additional advantages to visually cover ‘dead’ areas to capture suspicious unethical behaviour.

An aerial view also aids in assessing trends from working styles, habits, tendencies around time efficiency, which you would not generally be able to spot whilst on the same plane or level.

Covert cameras can see everything from a static composition to tracking a subject. Furthermore, the technology can provide important information such as accurate time and date stamps of an event, referencing current status and comparing historical records.

What is a Covert Camera?

A covert camera is a discreet piece of camera surveillance equipment placed conspicuously in an environment such as your business or home. It can be a stand-alone device, multi-devices, or used with CCTV, for observation through real-time or imagery recording. 

Are all Covert Cameras the same?

No, product specifications vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As they continue to improve the designs and sizing versus image quality for better quality, they provide impenetrable evidence for business owners and investigators. 

In the current marketplace, camera models exhibit features such as; the ability to set up an alarm notification to your smartphone, send images to your email address, sensors for daylight/night infrared HD use, and audio channel to communicate through separate connected devices. All of these features contribute to the Investigator’s efficiency in Surveillance.

In short, “To see without being seen!”

The Benefits of installing Covert Cameras

Installation requires a site and business assessment to be law compliant and in keeping with the Association of British Investigators (ABI) with three points guiding a registered private investigational work, namely:


The Surveillance is lawful.


Access the situation, Necessity-Proportionality-Conclusion, and Surveillance is justified to protect.


Maintaining confidentiality, GDPR, NDA, Clear-Concise-Accurate-Complete

An informative article published by the ABI, News articles / 2020 / 09 highlighted the staggering fraudulent claim and summarised it as – “Every five minutes a fraudulent insurance claim is uncovered.” 


In the same article, two fraudsters were successfully prosecuted through CCTV, having been caught on camera providing substantial evidence supporting camera installations. 

To quote Mark Allen, ABI’s Manager from this same News article/ 2020/09, he states:

“The industry makes no apology for its relentless pursuit of insurance cheats, to protect genuine customers, who end up footing the bill through their insurance premiums. Insurers will not hesitate to ensure that fraudsters seeking to profit at the misery and expense of others will suffer severe and long-lasting consequence.”

Create an informed professional approach 

As a business owner, written clauses into service level and employment agreements will always be an informed professional approach; otherwise, individuals can expect privacy. The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) Act protects basic personal rights and private data. Therefore, appropriate steps need to be adhered to by providing clear signage in public areas and within the business premises.

Business’s meeting and boardroom facility protocol and policies are sign boarded or brought to the attendees’ attention regarding video and audio recording activities. As a whole, other conversations are considered private, and, in most states, at least parties involved in a discussion or an exchange must be aware that the conversation is being recorded.

The use of CCTV and Covert Cameras aid Law Enforcement and Prevent Fraud

There are many pertinent debates around privacy versus the effectiveness of enforcement and prevention by using closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras. Whilst studies were carried out as early as 1999 (Steinhardt) and followed by further research, governments across the globe use CCTV surveillance cameras for Law Enforcement, Crowd control and identifying Fraudsters. 

It was only a matter of time before businesses pursued using this same surveillance technology to identify the company’s vulnerable areas and detect offenders.

Despite this, and very often overlooked, there is a real need for an investigator to become the crucial link in taking the findings beyond the immediate boundaries of the business site, into the realm of investigation and surveillance, for concluding the circle of criminal activity that financially affect businesses. 

Cameras reduce Crimes, Theft and Vandalism

The value of CCTV surveillance cameras is an Investigators “friend” and only as valuable as the management of the system. Cameras primarily deter criminals since technology increases the chance of being caught. 

The management of the system ranges from visibly displaying signage following the GDRP CCTV signage compliancy, the storage of footage, ensuring the date and time stamps synchronise to actual time, camera quality and resolution, including servicing through to a nominated person who is responsible for the management of the surveillance system. 

There is a reasonable expectation that any crimes committed at your business premises will be detected and investigated within the allotted timeframe. 

When last was your company Covert and CCTV camera facilities assessed? 

Remember, a registered ABI Investigator can be your vital link between footage and professional investigation to conclude the circle of criminal activity to protect your invested interests in the business.

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