How to hire a resourceful PI


While selecting a private investigating agency may feel like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s imperative to ensure Legal, Justified and Meticulous methods are applied to uncover, clarify and prove the truth.

How resourceful is your Private Investigator (PI)?

A case study:  

Names, dates, and locations have been withheld to protect all parties concerned.

Our brief was to obtain indisputable audio, photographic and video-based facial recognition evidence of a somewhat slippery “subject” who held brief encounters in rather unusual awkward busy venues and, in this instance, a walkway.

Even though everything was going to plan that evening, we were struggling to capture visuals and audio as the location was a logistical nightmare limiting our possibilities of getting as close as we would have liked.  Just then, as we were considering alternative options, a loud, vocal homeless gentleman, who we shall name Jack, was approaching with his noisy stacked push trolly, creating undue attention and the possibility of compromising the operation.

As Jack was now practically on top of us, one would think there was no option but to abort.  Suddenly a familiar whisper broke through the silence of the earpiece “we’ve got this, continue as planned”. Everyone held their line. 

A last-minute quick thinking Operative, an ideally located charity shop, with a rapid wardrobe change, ensured a positive outcome for both the client and the team!

As always, seamless communication, teamwork and resourcefulness are crucial elements for successful investigation work. 

The first step always seems daunting. Be assured that hiring a PI is within your legal rights to uncover and clarify the truth by engaging with a professional. We recommend hiring a PI service registered with a recognised industry body such as the ABI (Association of British Investigators) for assurance that the Private Investigator’s competencies are benchmarked and set to industry standards.

Check Credentials

Be mindful in your selection of a PI agency that abides by an ethical code of conduct and ensures operative work is carried out within the confines of the law, ensuring court-admissible evidence. 

Clarifying your requirements

From the initial onset of the investigation, ensure you connect in-person with your PI to initiate discussions regarding the “subject”, the strategy and expectations, with both parties in agreement – including an anticipated time frame.

Justifying the hiring of a PI

The PI is a neutral third party and will initiate a mindful questioning process and request supporting documentation to validate the implementation.

A responsible PI provides guidance and exercises due diligence in ascertaining the justified purpose and relationship between parties, whether it is resolving a family matter or a professional situation.

Meticulous briefing

Both parties are responsible for ensuring they receive and supply facts starting with a summarised briefing document covering points of understanding such as date/s, time/s, commission hours of service, professional rates, and making you alert to any possible extra costs. 

The time to document this section meticulously will build on a trusting relationship between you and your PI.

At the end of the task, we will provide a comprehensive analysis, supporting imagery and or documents obtained.

L J M Security and Investigation Ltd, we pride ourselves on our professional PI agency services whilst advocating ethical practices as a registered member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI). Our London head office provides support to all our satellite offices including the North West (Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington) Boroughs. Under the pressures of a changing world, we see an increasing need for our discreet and high-performance skilled operatives’ to be of service for Corporate ObservationGPS Tracking, SurveillanceCovert Camera InstallationCohabitation assessment to Legal Process Serving as well as family matters. 

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