Interpersonal Relationships

The fastest-growing family unit in the UK is cohabiting couples. Between 1996 and 2016, family unit numbers have more than doubled, accounting for around 17.5 per cent of UK families living in cohabitation.
It is so easy to be engrossed in the excitement of a new relationship despite the reality that living together does not carry the same legal right as married couples. By exercising due diligence to enlighten one’s self can open the door for honest couple discussions.

Jumping straight into a relationship, a host of challenges can erupt. The reality of ‘his – hers – ours’ parental responsibilities translate into child support followed by existing contractual agreements, housing rental contracts, or perhaps even having bought property together, and overflowing to co-owned assets and furnishings. The big question is, “Now what?”

Child maintenance is a sensitive matter. As circumstances change, family units leave a separated parent, grandparent or guardian of a child or children who need services of a private investigator enabling a lifestyle audit. Remember, it is essential also to seek specialist advice.


Our state of the art tracing and tracking techniques work to answer and silence your concerns determining the truth – one way or another.

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