ABI Association

Why choose a private investigating agency registered with the ABI?

Choosing a trustworthy private investigator is never easy; with the market flooded with multiples of Investigating PI’s, it can be discouraging to know where to start separating the professionals from the posers in an unregulated industry.  

For this reason, the industry created an establishment, working intently to raise standards and accountability of its members through the Association of British Investigators (ABI). The ABI’s imposes a code of ethics and standards on its members, keeping members up to date through seminars and training on various aspects of investigational works. 

Therefore, by selecting an investigating agency or a PI who is registered with the ABI, you are choosing a reputable Operative with the appropriate licenses, skills, current industry knowledge and experience to meet your needs. 

In other words, an ABI registered member is an endorsed professional!

Who exactly is the ABI?

In 1913, the Association registered as the British Investigators (ABI) with a board of independent individuals who attest exceptional sound knowledge in law, experience, and competency to self-regulate the investigation industry to an outstanding level of Professionalism.  

The ABI is the only organisation endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales and the service provider scheme for The Law Society of Scotland.

The Association and the Members pride themselves in disseminating their knowledge and experience to continue building on the pioneered Board Members vision to serve as Legal, Justified and Meticulous professionals. 

Requirements to register with The Association of British Investigators

The ABI is one of the only recognised associations responsible for regulating investigation services in the UK. It has partnered up with various law societies and other high-level groups to build its reputation, credibility and further improve the standard for investigators in the United Kingdom (Great Britain).

To be backed by the ABI and qualify for a badge of quality, the investigation agency or PI must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Investigators must uphold a code of ethics and professional conduct stated by the Association of British Investigators, regularly monitoring is done by the board.
  • A member must hold a Criminal Conviction Clearance Certificate from the investigation agency for vetting purposes, being free of criminal charges.
  • Members must have a level 3 award in investigations or have completed an ABI data protection (UK GDPR) compliance course to prove their skills. 
  • All active members must hold Professional Indemnity insurance to protect both them and the client.
  • All members must be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Commitment between ABI and Members requires involvement

Investigation agencies, such as LJM Security and Investigations Ltd, registered with the ABI are committed to providing credible results. We proudly bear the ABI badge of quality.  Regular attendance of ABI hosted workshops, ensure its members are kept up to date with the latest developments and trends within the industry.

(h5) What are the advantages of hiring an ABI registered investigation agency 

There are many that have been discussed within this article but to summarise the main points again:- 

  • Good knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting investigatory assignments
  • A high level of competency and Professionalism with skill
  • Well informed and up to date private investigating trends
  • A certified investigator with vetted experience
  • Professional indemnity insurance protection policy
  • ICO Data Protection Certified
  • Professional accountability

As a proud member of the ABI, with our membership number F2178, LJM Security and Investigations Ltd, are contactable on 0800 246 5424 or we can also be reached through connecting via our contact page on the website: https://ljminvestigations.co.uk